Here are some frequently asked questions and our responses! Have a question that isn't on this list? Feel free to send it our way by any means listed on the "Contact Us" page!
  • What is "Holistic Wellness"?

    "Holistic" means "of the whole", therefore, Holistic wellness is an approach to health that considers all of the parts of you that contribute to your health and happiness. It includes focus on your body, mind, and spirit with the understanding that overall wellness means considering more than just treating symptoms or isolating issues. It can include looking at things like diet, hormones, menstrual cycle, mental health, social life, lifestyle, and more. Holistic Wellness is often supported by Complementary and Alternative practices such as herbal medicinals, meditation, acupuncture, and more.

  • Are herbal products safe?

    When made and used properly, yes. Herbal medinices are as old as the field of medicine itself and have been used safely for thousands of years. However, like most any product, including pharmeceuticals, if used improperly, they could be dangerous. Herbal medicines are intended to be used as supplements to help support your body's nutritional needs and overall health. They are not meant to be used in place of prescription medications and some herbal medicines may interact with prescritption medications so make sure to always let your doctor know what herbal medicines you are taking.

  • What makes Kelly Kreations different from other holistic brands?

    Kelly Kreations maintains a focus on community. We source all of our products from local creators to ensure that we are supporting our local economy, local businesses, and community artists. In this way, we know that as our business flourishes, so does our community. Additionally, by giving small creators access to a larger market, we create ties between people and artists within their own neighborhoods. Our goal is to inspire a greater sense of connectivity in our community, especially between people of similar holistic mindsets.

More FAQs:

If medicinal herbs are safe and effective, why aren't they more popular?

The truth is, people have been using herbal medicines for thousands of years and they remain very popular today throughout the world. It is only a more recent development in Western urbanized areas that people became more distant from this knowledge. As cities grew denser and plants become more sparse in those areas, people lost access to the traditional remedies and knowledge of their ancestors. Fortunately, the Complementary and Alternative field, which includes herbal remedies, has been steadily regaining its popularity in urban areas as people look for more natural and accessible ways to support their health.

Can herbal products replace the need for pharmeceuticals and medical physicians?

Herbal products act as supplements to help you support your body's needs by providing nutrients that you may be deficient in or by increasing specific nutrients to boost certain functions like your immune system. Supporting your body's needs can improve your overall health but you should never use these products as a sole means to diagnose, cure, or heal illness or injury without visiting a physician. It is also important to be aware that some herbal supplements may be complementary to increasing the benefits of standard western medicines while some may interfere with those medicines and practices so always check in with your doctor first and tell them of any herbal supplements you may be taking.

Can herbs really help with chronic health conditions?

Many chronic conditions are a result of a nutritional deficiency or your body's loss of ability to fully process certain nutrients. Herbal supplements can help with providing a more concetrated source of certain nutrients that your body may need. Many people do experience some relief from chronic health issues with the help of herbal supplements, but every person and every body is different and will respond differently to these products.

Why does Kelly Kreations sell art?

Kelly Kreation truly believes in the uplifting power of art. It is scientifically proven that your living environment and home decor play a role in your mental health. When you create a space that reflects your happiness, it can help you feel more relaxed, positive, and confident in your self identity. Viewing and making art is becoming a more common reccommendation from mental health professionals to people struggling with anxiety, depression, PTSD, and more.