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Peach Oolong Loose Leaf Tea

Peach Oolong Loose Leaf Tea

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This delicious tea tastes great served hot or cold. Oolong is excellent for boosting metabolism, aiding digestion, and helping with weight loss. 

Ingredients: Taiwanese Oolong (Camellia sinensis), Peach pieces, Marigold petals, natural peach flavor

Health Benefits:

• Oolong tea leaves are partially fermented and naturally contain catechin flavenoids, both of these traits improve the body's ability to metabolize fat.

• Has less caffeine than black tea, but more than green tea. The perfect balance of just enough caffeine that can improve mental alertness without overdoing it. 

• Taiwanese oolong tea is rich in antioxidants and bioflavonoids, polyphenols, and minerals. Specifically recognized for significant levels of manganese.


Grown in an Organic Taiwanese Tea Garden & hand-packed in the USA.

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